Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Preventing The Worst

wisdom tooth extraction

You might think that tooth extraction is such an unnerving and unnecessary dental treatment. Well, you would be surprised to know that it’s actually pleasant and that there are more extensive procedures than that. If your dentist requires you for tooth removal, trust him because they’re not doing it just for the invoices. They’re doing it to prevent the worst to happen to your condition. 

Dentistry aims to help every patient save their teeth and avoid tooth loss as much as possible. However, it can’t be helped sometimes especially if it involves wisdom tooth extraction. Although not all wisdom teeth need removal, there are instances where your dentist should do it.

Benefits of wisdom tooth extraction 

Dentists remove your wisdom teeth for reasons such as overcrowding, wrong eruption position, and impaction. 

Most patients have small spaces in their mouth that it could no longer accommodate the last molars. Unfortunately, the teeth will force its way out even though it is not needed. Even if the molar successfully erupts, it will cause misalignment since it’s already overcrowding. Crooked teeth have far worse risks than tooth extraction so the dentist might have to remove a tooth. 

Furthermore, even if there’s no overcrowding issue, your third molars are quite far back. It will be very challenging to keep it clean since a regular toothbrush can’t be able to reach around it. Having said this, your wisdom teeth will eventually develop dental caries without visiting your dentist that often for cleaning. Dentists might recommend a wisdom tooth extraction if the bite is already too narrow to reach. 

Interestingly, some molars come out in the wrong position. Supposedly, they should come out vertically where the plain top shows first. Unluckily for some patients, sometimes molars that erupt sideways. This causes delay of eruption and dental pain. That’s why your dentist needs to do tooth extraction right away and prevent you from suffering discomfort. 

Is wisdom tooth extraction necessary?

There’s also a common dental condition known as an impacted wisdom tooth. This is an occurrence where the wisdom tooth is unable to come out of the gums. Since it is trapped between the gums and bones, it rots inside and causes infection. What’s worse is that it can rapidly spread with the delay of treatment. While the tooth remains confined in the jaw bone, it will also progress into a life-threatening abscess.

With these possible issues risking your smile, your dentist will perform wisdom tooth extraction immediately. Do not wait for the worst to happen, always talk with your New Hamburg dentist. Get the best advice in keeping your oral health optimal and stay away from dental diseases.



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