What Is An Invisalign Treatment And Why You Should Consider It

What Is An Invisalign Treatment And Why You Should Consider It

Misaligned teeth make you self-conscious and it greatly affects with how you socialize with people. Fortunately, metal braces can solve bite problems and crooked teeth. However, it’s irritating to the teeth and gums and not to mention — too revealing and noticeable. Here’s an even better catch! The invention of Invisalign. This removable and transparent aligner puts your worries to rest. Furthermore, it provides you with an accurate result after the treatment.

The Invisalign treatment process

A visit to your orthodontist is the first part of an Invisalign treatment in New Hamburg. An orthodontist specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of misaligned teeth.

So, during the initial appointment, he will take a digital X-ray of your teeth and create your treatment plan. He will refer his observation from the images produced by the digital scan. After sending the blueprint to the laboratory, they will return as a set of custom-made Invisalign braces. You will have to wear these braces for at least 22 hours each day and change to a new set after every two to four weeks.

The treatment may take 12 to 18 months to succeed. Just make sure to visit your specialist every month or depending on his advise to check for any irregularities. Basically, you’ll wear at least 36 Invisalign aligners throughout your treatment period.

The benefits of Invisalign

The Invisalign therapy corrects dental issues such as a tooth gap, overcrowded teeth, and malocclusion. If you’re having any of these dental problems, then consider to have the clear aligner. Here are the benefits you get when you wear the aligners.

  • A comfortable experience.
    The clear aligners are custom-made smooth plastic materials that snug perfectly on your teeth without discomfort.
  • Freedom to engage in sports and to play musical instruments.
    Enjoy playing your favorite brass musical instrument or sports activity with Invisalign braces on. There are no wires and brackets attached on your teeth unlike the traditional braces.
  • Fewer food restrictions.
    You can enjoy your favorite steak or salad without worrying if bits and pieces get caught up in your braces. You just remove your aligner and put them back on again after taking your meals.
  • It results to better dental health.
    Even during your treatment, your invisible aligners provide you with a renewed dental health. It helps you keep your teeth clean and healthy you can remove your aligners when you brush.
  • Improved self-esteem.
    It gets better after you complete the treatment. You’re ready to flash your bright smile. There’s no doubt that your confidence is on a higher level!

Invisalign treatment cost

Invisalign cost starts at $3000 CAD depending on the patient’s unique dental needs. Moreso, the location of your clinic and the reputation of your orthodontist might also affect the price. Good news for insurance policy holders since you’re entitled to a partial or full coverage for necessary dental procedure.

a girl trying her new invisalign braces

Is Invisalign for everyone?

Invisalign is recommended for anyone with complete permanent teeth.

It’s important to follow your dentist’s instructions to achieve visible results in a couple of months. Visit your specialist to discuss if Invisalign braces is the right option for you.



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