Discover Top Trends For Dental Implants

Discover The Top Trends About Dental Implants Today

New year is all about checking on trends, whether it’s about cars, celebrities, fashion, and movies. Most follow on trending topics in different social media platforms as well. It’s interesting to note that in the age of modern dentistry, there’s also top trends for dental implants.

Are you ready to follow this trend as you discover ways to have a lasting smile through implants?

Top trends for dental implants

There are at least three popular trends today for the procedure. These are: 

Mini dental implants

It has the same structure with traditional titanium dental implants. This is suitable for patients with small teeth or if the teeth for replacement has a narrow space. It also works well if you only have to replace a front tooth or premolar.

These are its advantages:

  • Comfortable to use.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Involves a non-invasive procedure.
  • Patients feel less discomfort.
  • Prevents facial distortion or collapse.

Mini dental implant cost ranges from $500 CAD to $1500 CAD. It’s an affordable tooth replacement, that’s why more patients are now considering this option.

Differences between a mini dental implant and traditional dental implant

Mini dental implants in New Hamburg consist of one solid piece and there’s no need for an abutment. Mini implants are attached to the jaw bone with a diameter that’s smaller than 3 mm. Meanwhile, a traditional implant consists of two pieces. It has an abutment that attaches to the bone with a diameter larger than 3 mm.   

A traditional tooth implant procedure requires two or more dental appointments. It also takes more or less three months before the replacement tooth is attached. This isn’t the case with mini dental implants which is less invasive, not time-consuming and requires no bone graft surgery.

Discover The Top Trends About Dental Implants Today (1)

Are mini dental implants long-lasting?

It will last long however, it is highly dependent on the amount of care you put into it. There’s no definite life span and its longevity varies among patients. There are five common factors that affect the implants’ lifespan such as substance or alcohol abuse, smoking, and poor oral care. Another factor to consider is when a patient has pre-existing medical condition like bone disease or osteoporosis.

Who are good candidates to have a mini dental implant?

Patients who have enough bone structure to hold the mini titanium dental implants are good candidates. However, for those who have the habit of teeth grinding, this option may not work for you. Still, you need to work with your dentist to manage that habit and proceed with your implant surgery.

Bone grafting surgery

Another top trend for patients wanting to have dental implants is the bone graft surgery. This is a prerequisite if the patient does not have sufficient jaw bone mass to support the implants.

How it’s done

You’ll be given a general anesthesia for this surgery. A periodontist will take the bones from other areas of your mouth and graft them to your jaw bone. It will take several months to complete the whole process for the new graft bone to grow. This is to make sure that the bone will be sturdy enough to support the implant.

What are its advantages:

  • Helps in sustaining the health of teeth, gums and jaw bone.
  • It restores bone to its usual form after a tooth loss or gum disease.
  • Restoration of facial bone and facial structure. 

Tissue engineering

Tissue engineering in implants ensures a quick healing time for patients. It falls under the category of regenerative medicine and helps improve, maintain or restore damaged tooth tissues. It also minimizes complications. Choose to have titanium dental implants for a smile that lasts.

Continue to follow the trends about implants and how they restore everyone’s smile. Contact your dentist today to know more about these trends.  



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