Top Reasons Why Your Tooth Needs To Be Extracted

tooth extraction

There are various reasons for a tooth extraction. Most of the time, your dentist will have to do tooth extractions New Hamburg due to a damage that’s irreparable, such as teeth that have been destroyed by decay, plaque build up or cavities.

While tooth decay may be a common cause for tooth extraction it may also be due to several other reasons such as the following:

An extra tooth

An extra tooth that blocks the growth of another tooth. Extra teeth are not new, many people have it, most extra teeth may either be decayed or give you a very uncomfortable feeling in the mouth.

Baby teeth

Baby teeth that don’t fall out in time for permanent teeth to grow


Those who need to have braces installed may need to have one (or more) tooth removed to make room for teeth that are bound to move

Cancer treatment

People who are currently on cancer drugs, as cancer drugs weaken the immune system, and might possibly infect their teeth. They will need those infected teeth removed.

Transplant patients

In the same light, tooth extraction may also be necessary for organ transplant patients as they are at high risk of infection due to their drug dependency – making their immune system weaker.

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth or your third molar may also call for the same procedure either before or after they grow out. They need to be removed when they are decayed, or when they are impacted, or stuck in the jaw. This growth irritate the gum, causing pain and swelling.

It would be best if you visit a dentist first. A consult at New Hamburg dentist and perhaps a number of x-rays have to be done in order to point out whether a tooth extraction is best for your current situation.



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