Tooth Extraction Aftercare Guideline Within 24 Hours

tooth extraction

Your dental care doesn’t end right after your dentist gets rid of the diseased tooth or roots. A tooth extraction aftercare is just as essential as the removal procedure itself. Bear in mind that the fresh wound where your tooth had been is an opening to various external risks. You must tend to it and ensure that you also do it properly.

Don’t worry! Your dentist wouldn’t let you leave without sharing you this vital information. Just in case you might forget, here are the things that you need to consider right after leaving the clinic.

Tooth extraction aftercare guide

Control the bleeding

After removal, the space where your tooth has been will continue to bleed within 24 hours. It’s normal to notice minimal gushing although it’s continuous. Your dentist will put gauze on it right after the operation and will instruct you to apply steady and firm pressure. You will have to bite down on the gauze for a span of 30 minutes.

Do not break this pattern and try to leave the wound open to avoid a tooth extraction infection. When the flow returns after a while, just apply a new and clean cloth.

Sometimes, the bleeding will continue after 24 hours. This time, use a moistened gauze and constantly put prolonged pressure repeatedly. When this fails, immediately seek your dentist’s advice.

Protect the blood clot

The blood needs to clot over the wound for a speedy recovery. There are instances that you might disrupt this process by rinsing your mouth and spitting vigorously. If you suck on a straw or blow on a balloon or a musical instrument, it dislodges the clot, too. Just try to avoid these activities while you’re healing.

Avoid sinuses pressure

One good tooth extraction aftercare also includes other parts than your mouth. Refrain from blowing your nose aggressively or sneezing so carelessly. These require too much force and it disrupts the reparation process.

Minimize swelling

Like bleeding, swelling is also normal after tooth removal. You will notice your cheeks or throat close to the affected area to bulge; however, it’s manageable. Just apply an ice pack on the area with 15 minutes interval time. That is to use cold pressure for 15 minutes and let it rest with the same duration then repeat the cycle.

You may start the application right when you reach your place. Also, when you decide to do this while lying down, rest your head on 2 to 3 pillows. Incline your upper body to maintain good blood circulation. Resist threat of any tooth extraction infection and do not apply anything on the swell that’s not prescribed by your dentist.

Control the pain

Pain after tooth removal can be taken lightly. It’s normal especially after sedation wears off, however, rest assured that your dentist will prescribe discomfort medication. Always consult your dentist when the prescriptions don’t work or if they cause you side effects.

tooth extraction aftercare

Limit physical activity

Right when you walk out of your dentist’s clinic, get a lot of rest and just relax. Refrain from doing strenuous activities such as jogging or lifting heavy weights. Aside from this tooth extraction aftercare, also notice your mouth’s activities.

While you’re still under sedation, you might not feel your tongue, cheeks, and lips. So, be very cautious from biting down on them or exposing them to too much heat or cold.

Check your oral habits

If you’re into drinking and smoking, you might want to quit temporarily. Smoking leads to a dry socket and that takes the recuperation time longer for your wound. On the other hand, drinking alcoholic beverages complicates with pain relievers and antibiotics.

Change your oral care regimen

Even when you’re following a good oral care routine, try to change your practice and be a little more gentle. As mentioned, the blood still needs to coagulate and close, so rinsing might disturb this process. Do not brush your teeth as well within 24 hours. You may resume on your regime the next day but always consider to stop a tooth short from the affected area. Causing too much disturbance will lead to a tooth extraction infection.

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