What Is The Teeth Whitening Cost In New Hamburg?

What Is The Teeth Whitening Cost In New Hamburg?

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The teeth whitening cost in New Hamburg is 375 CAD. What does teeth whitening include? What are the benefits that you can reap afterward?

Teeth whitening is a popular dental procedure under cosmetic dentistry. You might be thinking why do people undergo this treatment? Everyone wants to look their best.  When they look good, they feel good. You become more confident in the things that you do and pursue. Let us not forget that confidence makes a great first impression!

If you are thinking that teeth whitening at the dental clinic in Byron St. is a simple procedure. Think again. There are so many benefits that you can get from it. Invest in your self through this procedure.

Teeth whitening procedure

You can divide the teeth whitening procedure into two parts. One is the procedure done in a dental clinic. The second one is whitening that you can administer yourself in the comfort on your own home.   

The in-office teeth whitening cost in New Hamburg involves the following steps:

  • Your dentist will check your teeth first for cavities. This is not just a routine examination, this is vital to the treatment’s success. If you’re suffering from teeth decay and receding gums then this can make your teeth sensitive and hinder the treatment. 
  • He will now clean your teeth to remove its bacteria and other food particles that may have gotten stuck. This is also the cause of teeth stain. Teeth staining accumulates over time. This can come from smoking and consuming coffee, wine, and berries. 
  • The whitening treatment will now begin. Your dentist will use a cheek retractor to expose the teeth that are visible when you smile. He will paint a hardening resin on your gum tissue to protect it from the bleaching gel. The gel can irritate the gums. A bleaching gel is now applied to the teeth. It stays there for about thirty minutes. After the dentist washes off the bleaching gel, he will apply a fresh gel. Between applications of the gel, your dentist will check on the whitening progress. If it needs more bleach, he will apply more.  
  • The whitening process at the dental clinic in Byron St. ends with the removable of the cheek retractor from your mouth.

For teeth whitening at home, you can buy this at the dental clinic or in drugstores. Examples of these are over the counter strips and gels, tray-based whiteners, and whitening rinses.


  • Over the counter strips and gels contains peroxide. They are directly applied to the teeth’s surface. Follow the instructions carefully to achieve the results you want. The results are visible within a few days.  
  • With tray-based whiteners, you fill a tray that looks like a mouthguard with a whitening solution.  The tray contains the peroxide bleaching agent. You will wear the tray for a few hours every day, depending on how white you want your teeth to be. 
  • Whitening rinses also help whiten the teeth. This method takes twelve weeks to complete. You use the whitening rinse like you would use a mouthwash.

The teeth whitening cost is an investment to a beautiful smile. Investing in yourself is a form of self-care that people need more of. The world has enough negativity as it is, one smile can help brighten up someone’s day.

Schedule an appointment with your dentist at the dental clinic in Byron St. for a comfortable teeth whitening process.



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