What Is The Teeth Whitening Cost In New Hamburg?

Many are willing to spend time and money to look their best. Most dental patients want to improve their smile and spend on teeth whitening cost to boost their confidence. 

Teeth whitening is the most popular dental procedures under cosmetic dentistry. Today, cosmetic dentists perform teeth whitening procedures such as laser treatment and the use of whitening trays. 

The dental clinic in Byron St. performs teeth whitening with the use of take-home dental trays. This is a good investment for patients who don’t want to take chances of whitening their teeth. A professional teeth whitening procedure ensures the patient’s safety to prevent any over treatment which may cause damage. 

Professional teeth whitening kit

One method of in-office teeth whitening in New Hamburg is the use of a professional teeth whitening kit. In this method, the teeth whitening cost is around $400 CAD, which is relatively lower compared to the laser-assisted procedure. 

The dentist takes a digital impression of the patient’s teeth and sends it to the machine that mills the mouth tray. He customizes the tray so it fits the patient’s mouth tightly and the bleaching solution only touches the teeth. This prevents any damage to the patient’s gums.

Meanwhile, he cleans the teeth to remove cavities and stuck food particles. Once the tray is ready, the bleaching solution is poured into the tray and the patient wears it for about 30 minutes, then rinse. This procedure is repeated for three dental appointments at the dental clinic in Byron St. Then the patient continues the treatment at home following the dentist’s advice and instructions on teeth bleaching. 

Do-it-yourself teeth whitening

Patients who don’t have time to visit their dentist for a teeth whitening procedure can opt for this method. They can purchase teeth whitening products at the dental clinic or in drugstores. Examples of these are over the counter strips and gels and whitening rinses.

  • Over the counter strips and gels contain peroxide. They are directly applied to the teeth’s surface. It’s important to follow the instructions carefully to achieve visible results within a few days.
  • They can also purchase whitening rinses to help whiten the teeth. This method takes twelve weeks to complete. 

The teeth whitening cost is an investment to a beautiful smile. Investing in yourself is a form of self-care, so you can brighten up someone’s day with your smile. 

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