Sinus Lift Surgery Alternatives: What Are They?

Sinus lift alternative

Dental surgeons provide sinus lift surgery alternatives to their patients; short implants and the crestal approach. Patients need to first understand what happens during a sinus lift surgery before diving into their options.

New Hamburg dental care provides their patients with options compatible to their dental needs.

What is a sinus lift surgery?

Periodontists and maxillofacial surgeons also call this surgery as sinus augmentation. The upper jaw has less bone structure compared to the lower jaw. This is because the roots of the teeth on the back jaw hold the maxillary sinus up.  Missing teeth in this part causes the sinus to drop down. This reduces bone structure that can support a dental prosthesis.

During the surgery, the sinus membrane is “lifted” and the bone material is placed between your jaw and the maxillary sinus. A healthy bone structure that can support the implant grows few months after the surgery.  

Sinus lift surgery alternatives

Short implants

This is one of the sinus lift surgery alternatives that do not require lifting. Oral surgeons and periodontists opt for short wide implants when there is bone height deficiency to support regular implants. Studies have confirmed that the success rate of short implants in this scenario is similar to that of regular implants. Moreover, this option lessens tissue injury in the jaw.

Crestal approach to sinus augmentation

New Hamburg dental care has adapted to advances in dental technology in delivering services to their patients. They make use of the crestal approach which supports the traditional sinus lift through the use of Hiossen’s Crestal Approach Sinus Kit (CAS-KIT). This reduces the risk of membrane tearing. The drill’s design also allows its usage on sinus floors that are flat and inclined.


Patients need to discuss the sinus lift surgery alternatives and the traditional sinus augmentation with their dentist. This is a complex procedure that needs a dental professional’s input and guidance. New Hamburg dental care is ready to provide optimal dental service to every patient.



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