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Nitrous Oxide Sedation

We welcome every patient with warm smiles to make them feel comfortable inside the dental office. We understand that as soon as we discuss the treatment plan with them, some may get anxious about the procedure being painful. At New Hamburg Dental Group, we do not allow anything, not even anxiety, to stop our patients from receiving the necessary dental treatment.

Thanks to sedation dentistry, we deliver the most relaxing dental procedure! Whether you need an oral prophylaxis, dental implant treatment, or deep dental cleaning, we assure you that every procedure is pain-free. We incorporate nitrous oxide sedation in our practice because it’s one of the safest ways to manage pain and reduce anxiety. Popularly known as laughing gas sedation, this has helped a lot of patients successfully receive the dental treatment they need.

nitrous oxide sedation

Our dental assistants are well-trained to administer the right dose of nitrous oxide to our patients. They let the patients inhale laughing gas through a small mask before they go through any dental procedure. The effects of sedation quickly kick in, as fast as 20 seconds. Patients feel a little tingling in their arms and legs and feel drowsy until they are in a relaxed mode. They remain conscious during the treatment and are able to respond and fully cooperate with our request and directions. After we complete the dental procedure, our assistants remove the mask from their nose and the effects of sedation wear off.

We, together with our dental staff, provide the best dental care and treatment in a relaxing and comfortable environment. We have various range of dental services that will help you achieve great oral health. We would like to partner with you in caring for your precious teeth. Visit us today at 25 Byron Street, New Hamburg and our friendly staff will help you with your dental needs.

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