Uncover The Marvels Of Self-Ligating Ceramic Braces

One of the best things about science is the continuous innovation to make life easier and comfortable. The self-ligating ceramic braces, for instance, are dental aligner upgrades that bring more convenience for the users. Although these are copies of the traditional metal aligners, their brackets have better mechanisms. Patients used to dread braces because of their metal parts. Now, just like the clear ceramic braces, there’s every reason to love the treatment.

Advantages of self-ligating ceramic braces

  • Fewer visits to the dentist

One of the features of self-ligating ceramic braces is the fact that the brackets have their own “door”. The door or the gate would lock up the archwires in place. There would be no need to adjust bracket accessories or support every now and then. This allows the teeth to shift with less supervision thus, fewer visits to the dental office.

  • More comfortable

Your self-ligating ceramic braces no longer require dental attachments, hence, it brings more comfort. Patients used to complain about irritation in the mouth because the loose archwires create more friction. With this “door” mechanism, the brackets have a stronger grip on the wires providing proper teeth shifting.

  • Easy to maintain

It would be difficult to clean your teeth even with your clear ceramic braces alone. How much more if your dentist requires you to have dental accessories? These extra appliances in your mouth hinder you to thoroughly brush your teeth and totally remove food debris. However, if you have self-ligating brackets, there are lesser pieces on your teeth. You could just brush your teeth as you regularly would. It would also be easier to pick out stuck food in one of the wires as its less obstructive.

  • No ligature

Ligature or in other words attachments no longer apply to your self-ligating dental aligners. That’s simply the best thing about this treatment. This means that you don’t cost more on dental bands or elastics, metal ties or forsus springs. All their functions are already covered by the bracket doors.

Types of self-ligating ceramic braces

The self-ligating ceramic braces are one of the common materials used in the treatment as ceramics could provide better aesthetic. Unlike metal, which is also popular, ceramic brackets closely match the natural teeth color so it’s less noticeable. Aside from the materials, here are the types of self-ligating braces you should know.

Passive brackets

Dentists usually use passive brackets at the beginning of a treatment since its archwires are thinner or smaller. The teeth can freely move with this one and the patient feels less pressure in his teeth.

Active brackets

Active brackets are mostly used for a more consistent force like in clear ceramic braces with thicker wires. This helps the teeth efficiently move to where they’re supposed to be.

Although each dental appliance has distinct qualities, what’s important is that you find your perfect match. You shouldn’t decide right away to have the treatment because you like its features. Remember that you also need to be the right candidate for that dental procedure. Furthermore, always consult your dentist before going for the ceramic braces in New Hamburg.



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