Pediatric Dentistry: Keeping Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy

Pediatric Dentistry: Keeping Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy

Your kids should start to receive dental care as soon as they have their first tooth erupted. Even for babies, it’s important to practice oral hygiene since the mouth easily develops harmful bacteria. For this reason, pediatric dentistry continuously promotes early risk assessments for children below a year old. This dental service saves lots of costs and lives because it prevents the growth of dental diseases.

Pediatric dentists offer several other treatments and services to ensure that your kids maintain good dental health as they’re growing.

Pediatric dentistry procedures

Oral prophylaxis

Professional dental cleaning is a popular dental service for adults. It’s actually an inclusion of your regular dental checkups so kids would surely have this, too. This is a great preventive measure to spare them from going through orthodontics for kids. Assure your children that this service is pleasant and only intends to clean their teeth thoroughly. Furthermore, let them understand that normal teeth brushing wouldn’t be able to remove the bacteria like how their dentists would.

Dental sealants

Another prevention method is the application of dental sealants. These are thin plastic coatings that dentists apply usually on the molars. Rear teeth have these deep pits and fissure where plaque usually and easily remains. When plaque isn’t treated, it forms into cavities so your kids would really need this teeth protection. Consider this treatment because it could last as long as 10 years before the next application is needed.

Fluoride treatment

According to pediatric dentistry, cavities easily attack the teeth when its enamel is weak. Aside from controlling your child’s diet from sweets, sustain them with fluoride treatment. Fluoride helps strengthen the teeth by sending minerals through toothpaste and fluoridated water. However, you have to be aware that too much fluoride intake leads to fluorosis. Keep it balanced and seek proper advice from your pediatric dentist.

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Space maintainers

Watch out when your 6-year-old starts to lose his teeth to make way for the permanent ones. The risk here is if the tooth prematurely falls out and the space it leaves would take time to be replaced. This gives a chance for the other teeth to shift due to the gap. Furthermore, it could develop into a malocclusion case that would require orthodontics for kids. The metal support of space maintainers could prevent this occurrence.

Tooth fillings

As with adults, children also need fillings for their molar teeth that were damaged due to decay. The composite materials used are safe for kids. Moreover, composite actually adheres to the tooth requiring fewer changes or polishing.

Pulp treatment

Also known as root canal, pulp treatment ends a child’s dental pain due to trauma or severe decay. Although it’s hard to convince kids to have this dental procedure, sedation dentistry helps them relax. Pediatric dentistry proves sedatives are safe for kids especially since they need only less dosage than the adults.

Dental crown

Fillings can’t fix a severely decayed tooth that has damaged most of its structure and infected down to its roots. The pediatric dentist needs to perform a pulpectomy to disinfect the affected tooth then seal it. Dental crowns would be best to restore the damaged tooth to its functions and appearance. With kids, the most suitable material would be made of stainless steel.

Tooth removal

When all else fails, a tooth extraction becomes a last resort for worse dental injuries. This is why your kids will need mouthguards if they’re active in sports. On the contrary, removing a tooth would also be necessary to make way for orthodontics for kids. Especially if the dentist detects crowding on the developing teeth, removing a tooth will allow their teeth to adjust.

Give your child the primary dental care he deserves with the pediatric dental services in New Hamburg.



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