Pediatric Dentistry And Orthodontics: Bright Smiles And Future Ahead

pediatric dentistry

More often than not, children are seen with braces or dental appliances than most adults. The reason behind this traces back to pediatric dentistry which aims to prevent serious dental cases at an early stage. The kids’ orthodontists also call this as interceptive orthodontics. In other words, orthodontics for children does not only aim for a better appearance yet most especially with prevention.

This is also what makes it distinct from the usual orthodontic services. Since children are delicate especially with their developing body, the procedure with them is more diligent.


Here is a more detailed information why your child might need the specialty of orthodontics.  

Correcting hereditary dental issues

There’s a greater chance that your facial structure imitates that of your parents or any of your ascendants. This is why when you have a relative who has underbite or overbite, most likely you will have it, too. Orthodontics for kids would be able to detect premature dental diseases in your child. This also applies to patients with jaw discrepancies, teeth misalignment, and crowding.

When the correction is done as early as their adolescence stage, the process will be simple and quick. This is true while the kid’s developing bones and tissues are still flexible than during one’s later years.

Managing oral habits

Aside from natural causes, your child’s dental issues also occur due to uncontrolled habits. Commonly, these are in the form of nail-biting and thumb sucking. At the same time, kids who have the habit of thrusting their teeth from behind with their tongue gradually pushes the bites outward. Objects like pacifiers, especially with constant use, contribute to the malformation of your teeth and other maxillofacial tissues.

Pediatric dentistry strongly advises parents to develop a gentle yet firm management technique in dealing with their kids. They will feel punished for this, however, the rewards at the end will always be realized. If you’re really having a hard time doing it on your own, seek help from your pediatric dentists. They also offer oral habit counseling for your child.

orthodontics for kids

Saving future costs and complications

Orthodontics for kids play a huge role in helping you save your child from serious dental issues. This also brings a high-quality outcome and a lower chance of relapse. Although there’s still a fee, it doesn’t compare to the expenses you’d be spending for more extensive procedures.

As a parent, you’re already expected to see what comes ahead. So, don’t wait for your kids to grow up suffering due to their crooked teeth. It’ll be hard to fit in a society that easily judges based on physical appearance. Most importantly, the ability to talk and eat properly must be corrected. Invest while you can afford and while it’s not too late.

Pediatric dentistry and orthodontic dental services


Kids with braces are pretty common. Usually, the most suitable age for this is around 12 or 13 years old. The reason behind is that most of his teeth have already erupted by that period. At the same time, the teeth are still malleable for adjustments. Nevertheless, pediatric dentistry could already offer dental correction to patients as young as 6 years old.

What makes braces suitable and famous for kids is because of its effectivity. The metal wires provide a consistent but gradual force to move the teeth to their proper position. While it’s true that the entire treatment period comes with discomfort, it’s bearable and normal. Most patients hold the best review of this dental appliance once the treatment ends.


For kids with minimal misalignment issues, retainers will do for them. In the same manner, retainers are also used after braces treatment to provide support. Although orthodontics for kids have already corrected the bites, it’s still important to retain them in that position permanently. Also, taking them to regular dental check-ups allows the dentist to keep an eye to the success of the treatment.

Space maintainers

Another great aid for your kid’s teeth are space maintainers. Childhood stage continuously experiences tooth loss brought about by development. To keep the teeth from shifting into gaps from missing teeth, this dental appliance is the one for the job. Your dentist may use a dental band or a temporary crown for this depending on your child’s dental needs.

The dental services in New Hamburg see to it that your kids’ dentition is well taken care of. Book an appointment now and ensure the future of your kids’ oral health.



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