How Does Your Lifestyle Affect Your Oral Health?

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Your oral hygiene routine plays a huge factor in your oral health. Regular consultations with your New Hamburg dentist contributes to keeping your mouth healthy. While all this is true, maintaining oral health is not limited to dental visits as you also have to ensure that you live a healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle influences that affect oral health

  • Eating nutritious foods help in keeping the mouth healthy. Always brush your teeth after eating food and drinks filled with sugar to avoid decay. Eat a balanced meal containing vegetables, fruit, grain, meat, and milk. If you feel that you need a special diet because of specific dental concerns, consult your New Hamburg dentist.
  • A lifestyle that involves smoking puts you at risk for gum disease, tooth loss, and mouth cancer. Staining of teeth is also common among smokers because of nicotine.
  • Anxiety, caused by stress is sometimes the cause of teeth grinding and jaw clenching. If you are often in stressful situations, this affects your behavior and reaction, With this, comes the possibility of taking things for granted like daily oral hygiene and dental appointments.
  • Another lifestyle choice that affects oral health is recreational drugs. Many people involved with drugs suffer from periodontitis. Some medications also cause people to clench and grind their teeth. Other common effects of drug use are tooth loss, dry mouth, and tooth decay.

Your New Hamburg dentist values the importance of oral health care. A healthy body has a healthy mouth. Maintaining your oral hygiene routines and a good lifestyle will ensure your dental health.

Live a healthy life free of smoking, stress and other factors that disturb oral health. Find healthy ways to cope with stress because things that you put in your body will always affect your oral health.



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