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Some band aids, wound cleaners and perhaps a burn ointment are the most common contents of a first aid kit. These products help with the everyday cuts and bumps that your body may encounter. What about dental emergencies? Have you considered that an oral/dental emergency can also happen just as frequent as all the other emergencies? Here is a quick look at what your dentist in New Hamburg suggests your oral first aid kit should have:


For common tooth aches, it is best to have a pain killer in the first aid kit. Also, have an ice pack in it too. An ice pack should be placed on the affected area. Never place anything directly on the gum/affected tooth as this will cause it to burn/blister.

Food stuck between teeth

Your New Hamburg dentist suggests to ONLY use dental floss or a dental brush. Never use sharp objects to attempt to remove the object. Salt water rinse or antiseptic wash can also remove food stuck in between teeth; or grab any tissue then fold it and remove it or just simply brush your teeth to remove the food stuck between the teeth easily.

Mouth sores

There are various causes of mouth sores, from dentures, accidentally biting the cheek. Even vigorous brushing can all be causes of mouth sores. You should always have a soothing oral gel for this. If the oral gel is a little hard to find, then go for a medicated oral antiseptic to be used as a mouthwash.

Bitten lip or tongue

Just like any wound, direct pressure should be applied on the wound to stop it from bleeding. However, do not use your bare hands. Use a sterile gauze to hold it down. Again, use an oral antiseptic as mouth wash.



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