What Happens During A New Hamburg Dental Examination?

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Make the New Hamburg dental examination a part of your routine dental care. Maintain your oral health by preventing future dental problems. The purpose of dental cleaning is to thoroughly clean your mouth and teeth. An oral hygienist performs this procedure after a dental examination that evaluates your oral health. Included in it is checking it for signs of oral cancer.  This gives your dentist a baseline of your dental needs. In a dental exam, your dentist may also talk about your diet, flossing techniques, and lifestyle factors affecting oral health.

What does the New Hamburg dental examination include?

  • The periodic oral exam is a comprehensive evaluation of your gums and teeth. Screening for gum disease is done extensively to detect early signs of periodontitis. The dentist uses a dental instrument called “the explorer” to check on each tooth.
  • Checking on existing restorations is a part of the New Hamburg dental examination. If you have crowns, fillings, or had implants done, it is good to have your dentist look at their health. Keeping them in good condition ensures that they last a long time.
  • Dental x-rays provide a full examination of the mouth. It can diagnose potential or current harmful conditions that lie below the gum line. Tooth decay, bone loss, and cysts are some examples.
  • The oral cancer screening exam is done by your dentist or oral hygienist. Your mouth undergoes examination for signs of oral cancer. They will check for signs of lumps and lesions on your neck, lips, and cheeks.

Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol put you at a higher risk of getting oral cancer. If you have a previous history with this type of cancer, the screening exam can prevent it from happening again.

Schedule your New Hamburg dental examination at least once a year. Take preventive measures to secure your oral health. Arrange an appointment with your dentist or oral hygienist before this year ends.



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