Routine Dental Cleaning: What To Expect?

New Hamburg Dental Cleaning - New Hamburg Dentistry

It is advisable to have your New Hamburg dental cleaning at least twice a year, as your teeth and gums are checked in this procedure. This detects early signs of gum diseases.  Dental cleaning reaches tartar and plaque buildup on your mouth, where regular brushing cannot.

It is ideal to schedule this procedure with your New Hamburg dentist at the start or mid-year.

What Happens During A Dental Cleaning?

A licensed dental hygienist performs New Hamburg dental cleaning. These dental health professionals have mastered this procedure as they have pursued further studies in this field.

The first thing that your dental hygienist does is examine your mouth and assess the health of your teeth and gums. This step gives the hygienist a clear picture of the target areas that may need added attention.

He uses a dental scaler to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Plaque and tartar usually build up between your teeth and in your gum line. During this procedure,the scaler normally produces a scraping or scratching sound. There is no need to be alarmed upon hearing the sound.

Your New Hamburg dentist uses an electric toothbrush with a  gritty toothpaste to clean your teeth after scaling. The grits on the toothpaste act as micro scrubs that clean dirt off your teeth.

Rinse your mouth with a liquid fluoride to remove that gritty feeling caused by the toothpaste.

Lastly, the hygienist gives fluoride treatment to cap off your New Hamburg dental cleaning routine. He puts a gel-covered mouthpiece or sticky paste over your teeth for a minute. Different flavors of the gel are available for your preference. He brushes your teeth with fluoride varnish, which hardens upon contact with saliva. This dental treatment strengthens the tooth enamel and helps prevent tooth decay.

A routine dental cleaning usually takes an hour at most. Invest time in your health. Your New Hamburg dentist will sure give you spotless and squeaky clean teeth.



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