How To Take Care Of Your New Hamburg Dental Bridges

New Hamburg Dental Bridges - New Hamburg Dentistry

New Hamburg dental bridges fill the gaps between your teeth by replacing it with prosthetic teeth.

Bridges are made when dental crowns are placed on both sides of your missing tooth. Your New Hamburg dentist first reduces the size of your natural teeth so the crown fits snuggly. These crowns will serve as the anchor of the pontic or the artificial tooth placed in the middle of them.

With proper dental care, your dental bridge will last for a long time.

Caring for your New Hamburg dental bridges

Replacing your missing teeth with a pontic does not eliminate the risk of tooth decay. You still have natural teeth holding your pontic in place,making it susceptible to decay. It is important to make sure that your dental bridges are clean and healthy. If they become weak due to tooth decay, this may possibly weaken or shorten your dental bridge’s lifespan.

  • Floss under the pontic and between the natural teeth daily.For a more thorough cleaning of your bridges, use a proxy brush as an alternative. This small brush is good for cleaning between the small spaces between your teeth. The case with bridges is different because the crowns are cemented on the pontic. With this kind of brush, the New Hamburg dental bridges are easier to clean because it is able to move between the gum line area. Also, the small brush pushes food that get stuck in between the gaps to avoid cavity formation.
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride prevents cavities and makes the teeth strong.
  • Schedule a visit with your New Hamburg dentist at least twice a year for teeth cleaning. It would be a good practice for a dental professional to have a look at the condition of your bridges.

There are many available options to replace missing teeth. New Hamburg dental bridges are restorative options that last a long time with proper oral care. Unlike dentures, dental bridges are fixed solution to missing teeth. Your New Hamburg dentist is open for consultations should you find this option right for you.



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