The Latest Dental Technology In New Hamburg


A dental clinic which adapts to the latest dental technology has your best interest in mind. Technology makes the procedures quicker without compromising the quality of service it provides. There are many innovations in dental technology that your dental clinic in New Hamburg offers.

Dental technologies offered in New Hamburg

CEREC same day crowns

CEREC is the abbreviation of Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. The creation of CEREC crowns uses the CAM/CAD technology. This latest dental technology eliminates weeks of waiting time to have your final dental prosthesis installed. The whole process is computerized and done inside the dental office in one appointment.

Digital X-rays

Dentists use digital x-rays to capture images and forward them to the computer so that they can see them at once. In the computer, your dentist can zoom in on specific areas that need attention. Another benefit of digital x-rays is that it requires less radiation. This makes the whole experience at the dental clinic in New Hamburg safer for both patients and dentists.

3D Cone Beam (CT scanner)

CT means computed tomography. This is an x-ray device that produces 3D images of the teeth, soft tissues, and bone. Your dentist uses the 3D cone beam CT to check on the jaw, nasal cavities, and sinuses. It also has the advantage of lower radiation exposure as opposed to the traditional CT machine.

The benefits of having the latest dental technology

  • They provide instant images with the help of the latest dental technology without the need for chemical development.

  • High-resolution images help your dentist explain certain procedures to patients.
  • Technology advancement saves time and money.

Taking care of our oral health is made easier with advances in dental technology. There is now no excuse for you to visit the dental clinic in New Hamburg for your dental concerns.



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