8 Revelations You Learn From Invisalign Reviews


Every article in the web only gives you general details about the clear aligners treatment. You might be looking for personal accounts about how the procedure really goes. Moreso, how the entire experience might feel like. In that case, you need to read Invisalign reviews from patients with first-hand Invisalign experience.

The great thing about reviews is that they reveal information that wasn’t shared by your dentist or some dental websites. Considering that, you would be able to set expectations from the treatment before you even have it. So, what else do you know about Invisalign braces aside from the fact that it’s invisible and removable?

You don’t have to change your channels this time. Here’s a compilation of unbiased critiques about clear aligners that you need to know.

List of Invisalign reviews

1. IPR or interproximal reduction

Unknown to many, your dentist will perform IPR before having your Invisalign express. This process involves filing in between your teeth to allow them to properly move according to the treatment plan. Don’t worry as it will only need a tiny bit of removal just enough so your crowded teeth have spaces to adjust. Patients who had this claim that it’s painless and doesn’t need anesthesia at all. However, just a heads up, it could take longer than the usual treatment duration.

2. Dental attachments

The fact that your aligners are smooth plastic materials, didn’t you wonder how they practically force your teeth to move? Some stubborn teeth could be hard to manipulate with just the straight form of the plastic braces.

According to most Invisalign reviews, dentists would bond a tiny, tooth-colored bump on the tooth called attachments. They act as stopper or support for the clear aligners. They say that it’s barely noticeable unless all of your teeth requires this. Another drawback with attachments is that they’re difficult to wear on and off during the earlier period.

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3. Aches subside after 4-5 days

You might already know that during adjustment stages, especially days after you try on your new aligners, there’s a pain. It’s pretty normal and another good thing about it is that it goes away in just less than a week.

4. Lisping

Since your Invisalign express creates an expansion in your mouth, there’s a tendency to lisp on some of your words. Some patients find this manageable and their speech actually goes back to normal after a few weeks. However, it’s going to be lasting for some depending on your maxillofacial structure and ability to adjust.

5. Mouth sores

Just like lisping and aching, mouth sores are also a common issue during the early parts of your treatment. The end lines or the bulky portions of your clear aligners could be a factor. Furthermore, it will be stingy and would cause you to have difficulty in speaking and eating. Rest assured, given the time to let it settle in, you will get used to your new mouth appliance.

6. Wear indicator

If you’re worried that your teens might not be wearing their tray aligners during the required duration, here is your answer. Invisalign teen actually has wear indicators that look like a blue marker on one side. It fades away when it’s usually worn so you know that they’re using it or none at all.

7. Invisalign diet

One of the most notable Invisalign reviews out there is the claim of patients losing weight after having clear aligners. Since you need to wear them for at least 22 hours a day, there’s too little time for other activities. That includes eating thrice a day and cleaning them every afterward. Not to mention, the amount of time and effort by just prying your aligners off then back on. A great way to deal with this is to incorporate protein shakes with your diet. So that even when you don’t actually eat, you still have a balanced nutrition.

8. Dental kit

You should realize by now that you need to brush your teeth every time you finish your meals. It won’t be hygienic if you put your Invisalign express back on with food residues on your teeth still clinging. That’s why it’s best to buy a dental kit. That’s where all of your dental cleaning tools are kept in a safe compartment apart from your teeth trays.

Your Invisalign treatment cost is incomparable to the lasting straight smile you’ll have after your therapy. Have your dental services in New Hamburg for an overly satisfying experience.



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