Are You Aware Of These Invisalign Braces Issues?

Invisalign aligners inside case

Invisalign braces truly have shown wonders for patients who have been dreaming of straight and perfect teeth. By far, most of its users give positive reviews about the results and even highly recommend the treatment. For some, it’s still a subject of speculation since the testimonials are too good to be true. If you’re one of the curious bunches, here are some traditional Invisalign truths you should learn about. 

6 facts about Invisalign braces

It will feel weird

Since this dental appliance is foreign to the mouth, you will feel a bit uncomfortable once you start wearing it. Do you remember the plastic teeth toys you used to play when you were younger? The sensation is pretty similar to that. For a few days, you will still notice the clear aligner on your teeth. Rest assured, you will soon become accustomed to it and might not even realize it’s there anymore. 

Slight discomfort

Just like any orthodontic device, Invisalign will cause slight discomfort. Especially during periods of teeth shifting, you will feel the pressure going on. Some patients mention that it doesn’t last for long and it’s completely bearable. You may think of it as a good sign that your treatment plan is finally working. You should take note of these progressions and you take lots of photos for comparison. 

Strangers will stare

Traditional Invisalign is virtually invisible, just as your dentist promised you. Nonetheless, if strangers take a good stare at it, it sometimes gives them confusion as it shines on bright lights. Due to this fact, those who aren’t familiar with clear aligners would wonder what’s on your teeth.  

Taking off trays is challenging

It takes a mastered technique to be able to remove your clear aligners without a fuss. However, expect that it will be challenging to do it during the earlier phase.  

It can be gnarly

After a week of using Invisalign trays, don’t be too surprised to notice that it has become gnarly. That’s why you need to always follow your dentist’s instructions in maintaining your teeth trays. One method is to soak it in vinegar-water solution each time you take it off. 

Misplacing and mismatching trays

It must be a routine, however, some patients tend to forget where they placed their clear aligners. Especially after taking it off, it’s too tempting to just leave your teeth free from its containment. It’s also possible to wear the wrong tray number and wonder why this traditional Invisalign feels off. 

These are just a few of those honest patient reviews that will also likely happen to your plastic aligner journey. Basically, these are just minor issues with easy remedies and they’re part of your orthodontic experience. If you’re ready to transform your life now, talk to your dentist about Invisalign treatment in New Hamburg. 



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