10 Secrets Nobody Tells You About DIY Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening provides instant results to its patients.

Everyone seems too obsessed about how they look when they smile. Everywhere you turn your gaze, you can see teens and adults focusing on their mirrors, trying to check for any flaw. In effect, the trend now turns to permanent teeth whitening because of the instant result it brings to its patients. Who wouldn’t want that picture-perfect smile or that glowing celebrity beam?

This is why more consumers are driven to avail of the products in the market to whiten their teeth. Sure, professional teeth bleaching is popular. Yet, it’s more expensive and takes more effort in going to the clinic.

Now, you might be thinking, what could go wrong if you simply follow that home teeth bleaching treatment? You sure can follow those instructions, right? To help you understand it better, here are some hidden facts your teeth bleaching items don’t reveal on their labels.

10 facts about home teeth whitening

1. It doesn’t work on intrinsic stains.

DIY teeth bleaching items like toothpaste, strips, and trays all have hydrogen peroxide contents that effectively whiten your teeth. However, if not used properly, you will never see any desirable results. Especially with intrinsic stains or inner teeth discoloration, home remedies can be challenging. It’s best to just book for a professional teeth bleaching procedure with your dentist or have cosmetic teeth veneers instead.

2. It won’t treat existing dental issues.

Dental whitening agents don’t have the ability to treat your root canal or broken tooth. The chemicals on the products might even make it worse. Have your dentist fix your dental issues first before going through a whitening treatment.

3. You won’t be exempted from tooth sensitivity.

Some say that sensitivity only occurs for patients who already have them. Don’t be too complacent as bleaching thins down your enamel exposing more of your tooth roots to hot and cold sensitivity.

4. Not a one-time solution.

As you grow old, your teeth will naturally turn yellow just as your hair turns to grey. Teeth whitening will not reverse those innate process and couldn’t cover it for long.

5. Doesn’t fit all.

Every smile varies in each unique proportions. Unfortunately, store-bought whitening trays only come in one size and shape. You might not be too lucky to find a perfect fit for your teeth.

visit your dental clinic as they have cosmetic dentists who specialize in performing laser teeth whitening.

6. Whitening gel is risky for soft tissues.

You have to be very careful when using these whitening gels. They could cause teeth demineralization and that’s just worse for your gums and inner cheeks. There are reports of irritation and burning sensation when whitening gels touch the mouth’s soft tissues. Furthermore, you have to spit out ingested contents as they may lead to nausea and vomiting.

7. Results are never guaranteed.

Unlike with the amazing results that cosmetic teeth veneers bring, doing your teeth improvements at home doesn’t give you any assurance. It’s most likely experimentation due to the lack of scientific basis and backups.

8. Lights don’t make your teeth white.

Some studies show that dental laser lights used in teeth bleaching could devitalize the nerves in your teeth. This also applies to UV, zoom, and LED lights. Although notable dental clinics hold proof against these theories, you have to stay alert. Don’t easily give in to free deals and services you see in the mall kiosks. Mostly are unlicensed with unsafe products. You have to visit your dental clinic as they have cosmetic dentists who specialize in performing laser teeth whitening.

9. Natural options can still cause harm.

Now, you’re trying to avoid chemicals and rather choose natural options like DIY toothpaste that contain fruits. Lemon and strawberry are quite known to whiten teeth and these do give astonishing results. On the contrary, they actually reveal lighter shade because their acidity levels wear out the tooth enamel. Worn out enamel results in premature aging and there’s more complication to it than just plain sight. 

10. Teeth whitening isn’t for you under these circumstances:

    1. You’re suffering from teeth sensitivity, GERD, gum disease, cavities, and white spot decalcification.  
    2. Your dentist finds out that you are sensitive to hydrogen peroxide which is the primary component of teeth bleaching.
    3. You are pregnant, a breastfeeding mother, or you’re still a minor, below 18 years old.

Don’t worry! Cosmetic dentistry in New Hamburg provides you with a wide selection of choices for that dream smile makeover. If the teeth bleaching process doesn’t work for you, cosmetic teeth veneers are also a great alternative.



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