3 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make With Your Dental Veneers


It’s understandable that keeping your teeth healthy and optimal could be challenging and requires effort — much more with veneers. Some say that since tooth shells are tough and stain-resistant they don’t need special care. On the contrary, you now have to be more attentive in keeping them in tip-top shape.

In most cases, your teeth might still face damages even when you’ve tried your best practices in teeth cleaning. This also applies when you have tooth laminates. Your oral care should always include a professional check up with your dentist. If these requirements aren’t met, you have to be aware that these following signs could happen to your porcelain dental veneers.

Signs of wearing out veneers

Chips, cracks, and literally worn down veneers.

The most visible signs that your front teeth veneers are wearing out shows with breaks and simply being worn down. This evidence shouldn’t be taken for granted as it defeats the exact purpose why you have them on.

When you already see your real tooth peaking, it’s time to see your dentist. If not treated immediately, broken shells could expose your polished teeth to hot and cold sensitivity. Furthermore, it might cause lesions in your mouth if there’s some pointy edge from the fracture.

Decaying teeth.

Although your dental veneers could be tough, it’s still at risk if the teeth underneath it are decaying or infected. When the tooth starts to break, the support for the dental laminate becomes frail. When this happens, the tooth shell would fall out and expose the tooth more.

See your emergency dentist so they could immediately fix the issue for both your tooth and its cover.

Gum disease.

Due to inconsistent practice in oral hygiene, it’s easy to develop a gum infection. This kind of disease leads to gum recession and leaves the teeth with weak support and risk of falling out. In the same way, your porcelain dental veneers would also separate from the gums and teeth.

Don’t let yourself come close to this point. Visit your dentist regularly so he might detect early signs of gum problems.

3 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make With Your Dental Veneers-2

Wrong installation.

If your tooth shells were improperly applied, expect that it’s going to cause you a lot of trouble. If it’s the wrong size, a loose one or uneven, it’s just — wrong. You’ll know when you have these issues if after the treatment you feel pain and discomfort at all sorts. This easily wears out your white teeth veneers so you must inform your dentist about the urgent problem.

Habits that damage your veneers

Now that you understand that your veneers aren’t shatterproof, be wary from these habits, too.


Bruxism or as you probably know as teeth grinding during sleep is a major factor in damaging tooth shells. The excessive and consistent gnashing of the teeth greatly affects the hold of the dental appliance. Even though it has a strong bonding agent, teeth clenching breaks veneers and even the teeth.

Since you aren’t fully aware that you have this nightly habit, make sure that you wear dental devices such as mouthguards. There are custom-made mouthguards you could ask from your dentist so they fit properly in your mouth.

Consuming food that stain your teeth

Staining your teeth with foods and drinks such as wine and tea is a no-no. Although porcelain dental veneers are stain-resistant, your teeth are not. It could still affect how your tooth shells reflect the color of your teeth so be careful about discoloration. If you want to keep your dental laminates to be sparkling white and clean, you should also stop tobacco use.

Using your teeth as tools

This oral habit damages both your teeth and tooth shells. Refrain from using your veneer-laminated teeth when opening packages or biting down on your pen or nails. These habits would result in short-lived enjoyment of your dental laminates.

If these can’t be helped or accidents strike, your dentist could easily replace your tooth shells for you. Your porcelain veneers cost might vary this time, so don’t compare it with your previous treatment.

Heed these words so you keep shining on your spotlight moments with your dental veneers in New Hamburg.



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