5 Unpopular Facts About Veneers That You Need To Be Aware Of


Most dentists and patients consider dental veneers as one of the top treatments to cover teeth imperfection. They don’t quite fix broken or chipped teeth, however, they could conceal and protect them fairly. It’s true — they’re made of porcelain or ceramic tooth shells and they’re bonded on each tooth. These materials are durable and with proper care, these last for more than 5 to 10 years.

Furthermore, porcelain dental veneers could hide a gummy smile and stained teeth as much as chips and cracks. Although this dental treatment is popular, there are still unfamiliar details about it.

5 uncommon veneers facts

They’re just an option.

Since it’s a dental procedure, most patients think it’s necessary to have dental laminates. On the contrary, it’s actually just an option. Although it provides a solution to teeth imperfections, it’s not your primary treatment. Most especially if you have crooked teeth or missing bites, don’t expect veneers to correct them for you.

Nevertheless, no one’s stopping you in attaining a flawless smile. What’s important for this treatment is your commitment and sincere desire to improve yourself. Unless you have serious dental issues such as gum disease, you need to set your priorities straight.

It’s not a perfect white.

Most believe that porcelain dental veneers appear white — white! Not to burst your bubble yet, it’s just an illusion. A normal teeth shade is white with a yellowish and greyish hint. If it’s purely white, it would appear opaque or somehow fake. Your dentist’s trick here is to study your natural skin tone and match it with your teeth shade. He needs to balance it out to achieve that bright and outstanding beam.

porcelain dental veneers

It’s quite expensive.

If it’s not expensive, it’s probably substandard. The reason why veneers are expensive is that they’re from quality materials and they’re performed by dental experts. Anything less than this could pose a risk to your dental health or your pockets. Although you have to be attentive when it comes to cost and make sure it’s worth your penny.

You don’t have to cover everything.

The porcelain veneers cost would be around $800 CAD for each tooth. Add that up to how many existing teeth you have and you get quite a number. If you’re having second thoughts because of this, don’t worry — you don’t have to cover everything. When you smile, only your front teeth get noticed and that’s enough count for your porcelain dental veneers.

Be with the true expert.

The ultimate secret to achieving the most desirable results is to have your treatment with an authentic specialist. Most dentists out there knows how to apply veneers, however, not everyone might have an eye for it. Seek reliable recommendation and ask around. You could also check out the New Hamburg dental veneers for a worthwhile dental experience.



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