What Are Dental Implants Made Of?

Dentists perform dental implants’ surgery and while patients worry that the procedure might hurt, they’re assured it’s pain-free with sedation.

The concept of dental implants can be traced back to the earliest civilization. Researchers have discovered that mummies had copper pegs in their jawbone as a teeth replacement. Stepping into the modern day, this dental procedure became a widely recommended option to restore a missing tooth.

What are dental implants?

An implant is a dental screw placed into the patient’s jawbone to act as prosthetic tooth roots. It has three parts:

  • Crown

The first part of the implant is the most noticeable piece which is called the crown. Dental crowns are artificial teeth replacement that’s attached at the top of the titanium dental implants. They are made of either ceramic or gold materials. Usually, patients prefer the ceramic type as it closely imitates the image of a real tooth. Especially when the lost tooth is closer to the mouth’s entrance, the crown must be aesthetically pleasing. However, dentists may suggest for patients to avail of the gold or composite type if the replacement is in the occlusal region. These materials are more durable and enduring to the chewing pressure.

  • Connector

Technically called abutment, the connector lies just on top of the metal post. It literally serves as the crown’s connector making sure it secures the artificial tooth in place. This tooth base is usually hexagonal in shape and fitting to the crown’s hollow.  

  • Base

The last part of the implant is the base which looks similarly like the bottom half of a screw. This feature provides a sturdy and steady hold in the jawbone and avoids multiple dental issues. These problems include ill-fitting dentures and broken bridge anchors.

Dental implants surgery

Dentists perform dental implants’ surgery and while patients worry that the procedure might hurt, they’re assured it’s pain-free with sedation. It helps patients calm down throughout the tooth implant procedure and would only feel the pressure of the dental tools.

Prior to placing the titanium dental implantsthe dentist would first access the jawbone by creating a hole on it. Then, he carefully places the metal post inside and covers it with the gum. After this process, the patient will let the gums heal over the implant as the titanium post fuses with his bones and soft tissues. The healing period may take for over three months. 

dental implant

After months of recuperation, the patient returns for the attachment of the abutment and crown. A special permanent cement and a tiny screw are also used to ensure that the new tooth is safe in place.

Two choices of materials for your dental implants

Now that you’re more familiar with dental implants, you know why dentists continue to make use of its attributes. What’s more interesting is that patients could actually choose a material for their metal post. These are the following:


Originally, implants were all structured from the same metal composition called titanium. This material is the most commonly used in dental surgeries as it is strong and biocompatible. Biocompatibility is a major factor since patients would need a material that doesn’t cause harm to their bodies. Since titanium dental implants have this quality, they easily fuse and grow together with the tissues and bones of the patient.

This great characteristic of a titanium tooth implant is still making it a popular choice over the other material. The affinity of both the external matter and the facial tissues cause win solutions. That is, to endure and provide a solid hold for the tooth.


Dentists have found an alternative to search for the perfect tooth replacement method for their patients. Zirconia became a consistent rival of titanium posts because it possesses similar features with the latter. They found that dental implants made of zirconia are also great in tissue integration. 

Having your dental implants in New Hamburg gives you the wisdom to choose what’s best for your teeth. The dentists will ensure that you receive a worthwhile experience and leave with a renewed smile and self-esteem.



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