What is a Dental Crown and Why Do I Need It?

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A dental crown or simply a “tooth cap” is placed over a tooth for several reasons. Dental crowns are designed to be very similar to your real tooth, in color, shape and size. In a nutshell,the dentist designs a crown, partial to the actual tooth size and places it over the tooth to encase it. These are the most common reasons why people may need dental crowns New Hamburg.

To cover and support

Dental crowns are made to cover and also support a tooth with a large filling, especially when the size of the tooth has dwindled. It acts like a partial “false tooth” as it masks the filling and the remaining tooth beneath it.

To hold a dental bridge in place

As we have mentioned, dental crowns also act as a “false tooth” which can act as the pillar of a dental bridge, especially in the absence of a tooth due to extraction.

To cover severely discolored teeth

Although there are procedures to whiten teeth and restore them to its original color, sometimes, your teeth color can no longer be restored due to extreme circumstances such as excessive smoking, excessive intake of alcohol and other food that may cause teeth discoloration.

Cosmetic purposes

A lot of patients who have visited the New Hamburg dentist have dental crowns installed for aesthetic/cosmetic purposes. As dental crowns can be modified in terms of size and color, your dentist can make them in colors closest to your teeth, encase your real teeth in it, without any extraction. This gives your teeth a symmetrical look.

For babies/kids

Similarly, dental crowns can also be used by children for purpose such as:

Children who can’t follow good dental hygiene

Children who can not have anesthesia or any procedure done due to their medical history

Children who with severely damaged teeth but want to attempt to save it.



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