What is a Dental Crown and Why Do I Need It?

Dental Crown

A dental crown is a “tooth cap” that’s placed over a tooth to cover any damage or aesthetic problems. Dental crowns are designed to mimic your real tooth, in color, shape and size. They are made of composite or porcelain materials for a more durable restoration and improved aesthetics.

Why you need dental crowns

These are the most common reasons why patients need dental crowns New Hamburg.

Cover and support

Dental crowns are made to cover and support a tooth with a large filling, especially when the size of the tooth has dwindled. It acts like a partial “false tooth” as it masks the filling and the remaining tooth beneath it. The crown protects the treated tooth from further decay and damage.

Hold a dental bridge in place

Patients with missing teeth can choose to have dental bridges. In this restoration method, the neighboring teeth on each side of the gap are encased with crowns to serve as an anchor to the dental bridge.

Cover severely discolored teeth

Cosmetic dentists also perform teeth whitening procedures to give their patients a bright smile. However,  extreme circumstances such as smoking, intake of highly pigmented food and beverage may cause severe teeth discoloration. In some cases, deeply discolored teeth may no longer respond to any teeth whitening procedure. Hence, dentists use dental crowns to cover these and give their teeth whiter glow.

Cosmetic purposes

Most patients who consult with the New Hamburg dentist have their dental crowns installed for aesthetic/cosmetic purposes. He modifies the crown in size and color so it closely matches with the patient’s natural teeth. In effect, it gives his teeth a symmetrical look.



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