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Heads up — it’s not all about your teeth. Most articles often express that your number one priority should be to maintain your pearly whites through dental cleaning. However, your mouth is not only made of bones. They’re also made of soft tissues that are actually more susceptible to bacteria attacks leading to worse oral diseases.

Your tongue, cheeks, throat, and gums aren’t any safer than your teeth. An infection may not decay the teeth easily but it simply damages the soft parts.

Periodontal evaluation

Preventing gum diseases is one of the top reasons why dentists encourage their patients to avail of a periodontal evaluation. This process comes on top of your usual oral checkups, however, sometimes they could be at a dentist’s special recommendation. Especially if you’re noticed to carry a risk of gingivitis, a deep dental cleaning procedure is necessary.

Perio probe

Dentists would know that you need a deep cleaning using a type of dental cleaning tools called a perio probe. This instrument looks like a dental pick with tiny measurements that indicate the gap between your gums and teeth. Normally, patients have a maximum of 3 mm of space from the gums to the bites. If the gap falls around 4mm to 6mm, then the dentist would recommend deep teeth cleaning procedure to his patient.

Furthermore, when the extent is greater than 6mm, there would be a need for surgery. Gum contouring is a popular treatment for patients who suffer from severe gum malformation or disease.   


A serious type of gum disease is called periodontitis. Its symptoms usually appear as inflammation or swelling of the gums and it bleeds to the slightest touch. An early sign of this illness starts with a simple gingivitis. It could be treatable with religious oral hygiene practice and regular dental cleaning.

Periodontitis could be treatable with religious oral hygiene practice and regular dental cleaning.

Without these efforts, tiny food debris builds up on the gum lines. This would gradually penetrate the space in between the gums and teeth and form a “gum pocket.” Soon, these pockets would loosen the grip of the gum and welcome more bacteria causing infection and worse, tooth loss.  

Deep dental cleaning procedure

Fortunately, a deep dental cleaning procedure could halt the progression of periodontitis. Also called as deep scaling and root planing, this procedure removes and digs out the food and bacteria buildup. Not just from the surface yet also in the burrows of the gum pockets. Once bacteria is removed from the gums, it takes time to heal until the gums seal back its tight grip on the teeth.

Performing this treatment requires the use of ultrasonic instruments with super speedy tips. This feature allows to easily break up the plaque and food particles on the patient’s teeth and gum line. Sometimes, your dentist would request for a second appointment in order to monitor the proper healing of your gums.


Although deep dental cleaning effectively eliminates the cause of periodontitis, it’s not a lasting assurance. Periodontitis is so severe that the body’s immune system reacts aggressively, resulting in bone and tissue damage. The damaged parts do not regenerate and this causes loose regions in your gums. Even when the pockets have healed, it could still trap food residues and continue to result in gum disease.

Post-cleaning appointments

To consistently reverse the effects of periodontitis, patients should consider future regular treatments and a dental appointment. Your dentist might ask you to return 2 to 3 months after to check your oral condition and gum health. If necessary, he will perform a dental cleaning procedure again. This time he reminds you to thoroughly clean your mouth, not just your teeth.

Always use floss and mouth rinse after you brush your teeth for a sleek and fresh finish. To ensure that you could do this anytime, a teeth cleaning kit might come in handy.

Also, bear in mind that it’s better to have your teeth cleaned professionally than lose it for good. Although a dental bridge in New Hamburg gives you a fine restoration, still, nothing beats your natural teeth. Visit your dentist now to check your available options and to know the average teeth cleaning cost.



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