Ceramic Braces: Get Rid Of Crooked Teeth For Good!

Ceramic Braces

Life’s exciting when you have goals and an actual tick-off or bucket list. How about adding an item in your planner this year that you will deal with your crooked teeth for good? Ceramic braces are the newest trend in revitalizing your teeth both in functions and in looks. It has the efficacy and structure of the traditional braces except for the color. Innovation led to making teeth braces clear or tooth-colored to blend in with the teeth.

Well, now that you’re convinced that braces could help you achieve a perfect smile, what’s your first step? Most of the time, the success of a dental procedure lies in the expertise of your dentist. So, you should consider putting an effort into finding the right specialist to ensure your treatment.

How to look for the right orthodontist?

1.Make sure they really specialize orthodontics.

Heads up! There’s a slight difference with your regular dentists and orthodontists. Both of them finished dental school and achieved more than 6 years in higher education. However, orthodontists spent 2-3 years of orthodontic residency on top of that to perform the application of clear ceramic braces. The additional requirement is necessary to ensure that he attains expertise in diagnosing and treating occlusion and teeth misalignment problems.

2.Free consultations!

Free examinations are a great opportunity to have an actual meet-up with your orthodontist and his team. This will determine how they handle their clients and how well they could explain and perform the treatment. If given the chance, you could still have time to commit or not since the consultation is free of charge.

3.Word of the mouth.

One smart way to know if that orthodontist is good is through recommendations. Most patients who are highly satisfied with a clinic or its staff are happy to endorse it to others. Ask from friends or families with ceramic braces how their experiences were and learn from it.

Ceramic Braces: Get Rid Of Crooked Teeth For Good-2

4.Great with kids.

Most dentists could work with adults, however, the best ones are also great at handling kids. Although your teenager is past his toddler stage, it’s still easy to be discouraged if the dentist couldn’t build rapport. It’s best to choose an orthodontist who’s fun and engaging at the same time for a worthwhile dental experience.

What to expect during the procedure of placing ceramic braces?

How long is the process?

The overall duration for the placement of clear ceramic braces could take 1 to 2 hours. This includes the waiting time for the anesthesia to take effect before the procedure and wear off after.

Will it hurt?

Since there is anesthetics involved, it’s unlikely that putting on clear braces will hurt. However, you might expect your gums to feel sore days after the treatment since the numbing medication is gone. You could ask for pain relievers from your dentist if that could help.

Furthermore, the adjustment period would cause discomfort although these are all normal. Some patients admit that they got used to it after some time and understand that it’s part of the process.

What happens during the procedure?

  • Prior to the actual application of your ceramic braces, your orthodontist will do professional teeth cleaning first. He makes sure your teeth are free from plaque and then he dries it for the next step.
  • Next, it’s time to place the bonding adhesive on the teeth and attach the clear brackets. If you’re not sure what these are, they’re the square metals or ceramics you see on the tooth. The glue or adhesive might taste unpleasant but don’t worry it’s not toxic.
  • Finally, he inserts the archwire or the long wire that connects the teeth in the brackets. Moreso, he uses dental elastic bands when necessary to secure the wires in its position.

So, that’s how clear ceramic braces are applied to the patient’s teeth. Hope this shed some light to the matter and encouraged you start doing something new for you. Learn how you could have ceramic braces in New Hamburg today and call up!



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