Types And Techniques of Placing Dental Implants

Dental implants are screw-like dental posts that serve as artificial roots of the restoration. Furthermore, they have a metal or ceramic base with a protrusion and are covered by crowns or dentures. Implants are also durable restorations as they integrate with the patient’s jawbone. To succeed with this process, the patient must secure [...]

Choose The Best Teeth Whitening Options For You

Cosmetic dentistry offers various ways of whitening your teeth. Yet, how do you know that you are choosing the best and safest teeth whitening methods? Dental cosmetic results don’t lie. Patients who opted to have dental veneers and professional teeth whitening got the best smile makeover. Cosmetic teeth veneers are dental laminates that [...]

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Pediatric Dentistry And Orthodontics: Bright Smiles And Future Ahead

More often than not, children are seen with braces or dental appliances than most adults. The reason behind this traces back to pediatric dentistry which aims to prevent serious dental cases at an early stage. The kids’ orthodontists also call this as interceptive orthodontics. In other words, orthodontics for children does not only [...]

5 Unpopular Facts About Veneers That You Need To Be Aware Of

Most dentists and patients consider dental veneers as one of the top treatments to cover teeth imperfection. They don’t quite fix broken or chipped teeth, however, they could conceal and protect them fairly. It’s true -- they’re made of porcelain or ceramic tooth shells and they’re bonded on each tooth. These materials are [...]

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Uncover The Marvels Of Clear Ceramic Braces

One of the best things about science is the continuous innovation to make life easier and comfortable. The clear ceramic braces, for instance, are dental aligner upgrades that bring more convenience for the users. Although these are copies of the traditional metal aligners, their brackets have better mechanisms and appearance. Patients used to [...]

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Becoming A Good Fit For Dental Implant Treatment

Dental implants were first introduced in the 50s to provide an innovative solution to missing teeth. Today, it continues to be prominent and setting standards among replacement teeth procedures even with the recent inventions. It gives multiple benefits to the patients because of its efficiency and the sturdiness of the material itself. The [...]

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Beginners’ Guide: Types Of Invisalign Aligners That Suit You

Although innovation has moved great strides for the past centuries, dentists might find the 90s a revolutionary period for orthodontics. One of the reasons is the invention of Invisalign. This dental device answers all worries from patients who avoid the treatment due to pain and awkwardness. As simple as it may sound, this [...]

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