10 Secrets Nobody Tells You About DIY Teeth Whitening

Everyone seems too obsessed about how they look when they smile. Everywhere you turn your gaze, you can see teens and adults focusing on their mirrors, trying to check for any flaw. In effect, the trend now turns to permanent teeth whitening because of the instant result it brings to its patients. Who [...]

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Know The Ways Of Deep Dental Cleaning

Heads up -- it’s not all about your teeth. Most articles often express that your number one priority should be to maintain your pearly whites through dental cleaning. However, your mouth is not only made of bones. They’re also made of soft tissues that are actually more susceptible to bacteria attacks leading to [...]

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8 Revelations You Learn From Invisalign Reviews

Every article in the web only gives you general details about the clear aligners treatment. You might be looking for personal accounts about how the procedure really goes. Moreso, how the entire experience might feel like. In that case, you need to read Invisalign reviews from patients with first-hand Invisalign experience. The great [...]

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Discover Top Trends For Dental Implants

New year is all about checking on trends, whether it’s about cars, celebrities, fashion, and movies. Most follow on trending topics in different social media platforms as well. It’s interesting to note that in the age of modern dentistry, there’s also top trends for dental implants. Are you ready to follow this trend [...]

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What Is An Invisalign Treatment And Why You Should Consider It

Misaligned teeth make you self-conscious and it greatly affects with how you socialize with people. Fortunately, metal braces can solve bite problems and crooked teeth. However, it’s irritating to the teeth and gums and not to mention -- too revealing and noticeable. Here’s an even better catch! The invention of Invisalign. This removable [...]

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Retain Your Natural Smile With A Root Canal Surgery

It’s a brand new year but you’re not feeling okay because of that spoilsport toothache. If the pain is persistent, it might mean that you have tooth decay or an infected pulp. Tooth extraction may not be your only solution. Maybe ask for a second opinion and consult about root canal treatment. This [...]

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