Choose The Best Teeth Whitening Options For You

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Cosmetic dentistry offers various ways of whitening your teeth. Yet, how do you know that you are choosing the best and safest teeth whitening methods? Dental cosmetic results don’t lie. Patients who opted to have dental veneers and professional teeth whitening got the best smile makeover.

Cosmetic teeth veneers are dental laminates that dentists place over your teeth’s surface. These laminates effectively cover cosmetic defects such as ill-shaped, gapped, or deeply discolored teeth. When other whitening options would not resolve severe teeth discoloration, cosmetic dentists would make use of veneers.

Another method that dentists use to whiten your teeth is professional teeth bleaching. Surely, you don’t want to take the risk of damaging your teeth by purchasing whiteners and doing it on your own. A small mistake in following the steps to create the bleaching formula could irreversibly damage your teeth enamel.

Read on to learn more about how cosmetic dentists give you the brightest of smiles with these teeth whitening methods.

Top two best teeth whitening methods

Same-day cosmetic teeth veneers

With this method, your cosmetic dentist creates customized dental shells using their own milling machine in the clinic. This means you’re able to save on your dental trips since you will receive your veneers in one visit.

First, your dentist trims a thin portion of your teeth enamel, enough for the dental veneers to fill. You don’t have to feel any discomfort as you are given a topical anesthetic during the procedure. Next, he takes a digital impression of your teeth that will receive veneers, and the images are sent to a milling machine. Once your cosmetic teeth veneers are ready, your dentist carefully places each veneer to check the fitting. He ensures that you are satisfied with the color and shape of your veneers. Then he bonds each veneer and speeds up the bonding process with laser light.

Professional teeth whitening

The professional teeth whitening method requires you at least three dental visits. On your first trip, your dentist takes a digital impression of your teeth that will be the basis in making your dental tray. The customized mouth tray ensures that only your teeth will be bleached, and not your gums. In less than an hour, your mouth tray is ready for use. Your dentist places the right amount of peroxide bleaching solution to the dental tray and lets you wear it for 30 minutes. After the given time, you will rinse thoroughly to clear any bleaching solution. You will be given specific instructions on how to continue your whitening treatment at home. You will be scheduled for another visit or two to monitor your progress. Unlike with cosmetic teeth veneers, it will take several teeth bleaching sessions before you achieve whiter teeth.



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