What Are The Features Of The Best Dental Mouth guard?

What is the best dental mouth guard? How can you consider that it is the best? Where can you find this kind of mouth guard?

First of all, let us talk about the basics. What is a mouth guard?

A mouth guard is a plastic device that a person wears. This protects the teeth, gums, and lips from injuries while playing sports. Dentists also use mouth guards to treat teeth grinding and snoring. Furthermore, the device helps relieve obstructive sleep apnea. Mouth guards are powerful tools that dentists under cosmetic dentistry Toronto recommend.

Cosmetic dentistry helps improve the appearance of teeth, gums, and bite. Mouth guards protect them while you do sports, or even when you sleep.

Finding the best dental mouth guard: how does it differ from the others?

There are three main types of mouth guard out there. All three have different costs and features.

Stock mouth guards

You can buy stock mouth guards in any sporting goods stores or drug stores. Aside from being widely available, they are also affordable. Among the three, this one is the most inexpensive.

They come in small, medium, and large preformed sizes that you fit over your teeth on the top. Downsides come with ready-made mouth guards. Their limited size options will not always provide you with a comfortable and tight fit. Since it doesn’t fit you well, you might have trouble breathing or talking while wearing it.

A lot of dentists do not recommend their use because they provide little to no protection. It is safe to say that its features do not make it the best dental mouth guard.

Boil-and-bite mouth guards

Boil-and-bite mouth guards come in one size. You can customize this to fit your mouth properly. How do you do this?

You place the mouth guard in boiling water until it softens. Thermoplastic material makes up this kind of mouth guard. After it softens, you take it out and place it over your front teeth and then you bite down. With the use of your finger and tongue pressure, you shape it around your mouth.

This mouth guard is available in drugstores and affordable. For the best fit, make sure that you follow the instructions carefully.

Custom mouth guards

Custom made mouth guards is the best from the rest. Your dentist under cosmetic dentistry Toronto makes this. An impression of your teeth is first taken. Using a special material, the dentist will mold the mouth guard following the model of your teeth.

Because they are custom made, exactly meeting your needs, this type of mouth guard is more expensive. However, they provide better protection and comfort. They are a better fit than the stock and boil-and-bite mouth guards. Besides better fit and comfort, they’re also durable, easier to clean and will not restrict you from breathing or talking. These are the things that you should consider when looking for the best dental mouth guard.

If you use mouth guards while playing sports then it is advisable that you wear something that you are comfortable with. The goal of mouth guards is to protect your teeth and not to hinder you from playing.

The use of custom mouth guards during sleeping is also advisable. Mouth guards that fit your mouth well will not dislodge while you’re sleeping.

Always use a mouth guard when playing sports like football, boxing, soccer, and hockey. Invest in one that not only gives you protection but also doesn’t hinder you from playing your best. Your dentists under cosmetic dentistry Toronto would love to create the best mouth guard suited for your needs.



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