How Much is an Amalgam Filling in New Hamburg?

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Amalgam fillings are dental fillings made up of a mixture of metals, including mercury and silver, tin, and copper alloys. Also known as silver fillings, the cost of amalgam fillings New Hamburg starts around $75 and can run up to $150. New Hamburg Dental Clinic strives to provide affordable pricing for all of our patients.

What should I know about amalgam fillings?

Amalgam fillings are durable and long-lasting, and harder to damage than other types of fillings.  They are also the most affordable type of dental filling material.

Some people are concerned about the fact that amalgam fillings contain elemental mercury. High levels of elemental mercury exposure can result in damage to the brain and kidneys. However, regulatory experts have researched dental amalgam fillings multiple times to determine if amalgam is safe. The findings consistently show amalgam fillings to be safe 4 children and adults ages 6 years and above. It should be noted that those with an allergy or sensitivity to the metals found in amalgam fillings can experience an allergic reaction and should explore other filling options with their dentist.

 Why is mercury used in amalgam fillings?

Mercury bonds well with the mixed metal alloy powder used in amalgam fillings. This bonding is what provides amalgam fillings long lasting strength and durability.

Finding the right New Hamburg dentist to perform your cavity filling is key to getting great dental care at an affordable price. The staff at New Hamburg Dental Clinic truly cares for each and every patient who visits our clinic. We’ll answer any questions or concerns you have regarding your dental care while providing optimal dental treatment.  To schedule your appointment, contact our office to request a time convenient that best fits your busy life.



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