I Am Afraid of Going to the Dentist… What Can I Do?

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New Hamburg dental offices hear it all the time: a patient needs an appointment but is afraid of visiting the dentist. Fears of the dentist are often due to a bad experience in the past. Other times, it’s anxiety caused by the unknown. In either case, it is possible to overcome your fears.

Find Someone You Can Trust

If you feel uncomfortable at your current practice, find a new dentist. The right dentist for you will be patient, gentle, and willing to listen to your concerns. Treatment will never come with surprises — the dentist will explain procedures beforehand, including how you can expect everything to feel.

Ask About Sedation Options

Dentists who specialize in dental fears will be able to offer you a sedative before treatment. Your options include nitrous oxide (laughing gas), which wears off immediately, an oral sedative for moderate sedation, and IV sedation for severe fears. You can even receive sedation for routine checkups.

Create Distractions

Learn relaxation techniques or find other ways to distract yourself while you’re in the dental chair. Even simple breathing exercises can have a big impact. Another option is listening to music. If you hate the sound of the dental equipment, bring noise-canceling headphones.

Bring a Friend or Relative

Ask a friend or family member to come to the appointment with you. Make sure to pick someone who has no fear of the dentist.

Split Treatment into Various Appointments

If you need extensive treatment, talk to your dentist about dividing the treatment into several appointments. This will allow you to start small and build up. You’ll also learn to become more comfortable in the dentist chair.

A New Hamburg dentist experienced in dental phobias is Dr Chiang- New Hamburg. Book a consultation to visit our clinic and start receiving dental treatment in a welcoming, friendly environment.



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