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root canal treatment

Failure to seek treatment when a small cavity damages your tooth could lead to a root canal procedure. This happens when there’s bacterial infection inside the tooth’s pulp chamber. This type of infection cannot be treated with oral medication or even oral prophylaxis. The dentist needs to remove the root canals and clean them to totally eliminate the infection. If the patient refuses to take action at this stage, it could lead to the development of abscess or pus in the root’s end. This will manifest as pimples in the gums of the affected tooth. It causes pain and discomfort to the patient, hence, a root canal surgery is necessary to alleviate the pain and save the tooth. A general dentist may refer his patient to a root canal specialist or an endodontist who will perform the procedure. 

Root canal procedure in New Hamburg


When the patient comes to the clinic with a tooth pain complaint, the dentist needs to assess his situation first. Suspecting that root canal procedure may be required, he uses 3D Cone Beam CT Scanner to carefully assess the health of the tooth and its roots. Once the scan reveals there’s an infection on the roots, the dentist proceeds with the root canal surgery.


The patient is sedated via nitrous oxide inhalation, oral pill, or Intravenous sedation to prepare him for the procedure. He is put in a relaxed state as the sedative kicks in a few seconds. The affected tooth is also numbed to ensure the patient will not feel any discomfort during the treatment. The endodontist starts to access the patient’s tooth through the dentin, cementum, until the tooth’s nerves are accessible. 

Root canal treatment

The root canal specialist removes each infected root to clean and disinfect it. He also irrigates the debris using sodium hypochlorite. Once all canals are cleaned, the specialist seals the opening of the tooth. However, in isolated cases, the dentist may apply medication on the tooth pulp to clear out the infection before sealing the tooth. He uses a temporary filling to build up the tooth structure and then takes a digital impression for the dental cap or crown. 

Crown placement

Nowadays, some clinics invest in modern equipment so they can also fabricate same-day dental crowns. As soon as the root canal procedure is completed, they also place the permanent crown to completely seal and protect the tooth. This allows the patient to save time in coming back to the clinic for another appointment to complete his root canal surgery. 

If you have an aching tooth, have an advanced root canal therapy in New Hamburg today. 



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