What Causes an Acute Jaw Pain?

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Jaw pain is often characterized by a pounding, intolerable pain. This often comes unexpected and may start as an acute jaw pain and then escalates to a more intense level. When this happens, it is important to identify the cause of the pain to make sure proper treatment is given. Dr. Miyen Kwek of the New Hamburg Dental Group accommodates any dental-related jaw pains.

Determining the cause of an acute jaw pain

TMJ Disorders

More commonly known as Temporomandibular jaw disorder, this is a common cause of an acute jaw pain. If you are experiencing pain around your ears, face or jaw you may possibly have TMJ or TMD. Other symptoms include a clicking sound when opening the mouth, constant headaches, ringing in your ears and vision problems.

If you think you have TMJ, you should immediately see your doctor or dentist. Over-the-counter drugs are usually prescribed for pain. When tolerable, jaw exercises may also be advised to strengthen the jaw muscles. For advanced cases, Dr. Miyen Kwek may recommend surgery to relieve the pain.

Teeth grinding

It is one of the most common reasons for jaw pains that go unnoticed especially when stressed or sleeping. Your dentist may recommend using a mouthguard when sleeping to prevent teeth grinding at night. You may also practice stress relieving exercises to relax. If left untreated, it may stiffen your jaw bones that may cause difficulty in movement. It may also lead to other dental issues if not prevented.

Dental Conditions

An acute jaw pain is also a result of numerous dental problems. A toothache caused by cavities or abscess can be very painful and may radiate into the jaw area. Cracked tooth of tooth gaps can make your teeth more sensitive to pressure. Gum disease can also damage your jaw bones if not treated immediately.

Do not neglect any jaw pains that you are feeling. If you think it is dental-related, connect with Dr. Miyen Kwek at New Hamburg Dental Group to have it checked.



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