New Hamburg Composite Fillings: What You Need To Know

New Hamburg Composite Fillings - New Hamburg Dentistry

New Hamburg composite fillings are types of dental fillings made of gold, amalgam, and porcelain. This specific filling is a mixture of plastic and tiny glass particles that have been made into finer substances.

Fillings repair cavity damaged tooth or a fractured tooth due to a bad fall. This prevents further damage and restores its normal function. Dr. Miyen Kwek ensures that dental fillings in New Hamburg are done by skilled professionals, with your comfort in mind.

The procedure

The patient is given local anesthesia during the procedure to numb the area around the tooth. Next, the dentist will clean the tooth of all cavities and bacteria.Then, the dentist applies New Hamburg composite fillings on the tooth and uses a dental curing light to harden it. The filling is then polished for a better and comfortable feel.

What are the advantages of New Hamburg composite fillings?

  • Composite fillings matches the color of your tooth. They are aesthetically pleasing and hardly noticeable.
  • They harden quicker than others, making the procedure fast.
  • Natural tooth structure is not removed as much with this type of filling.
  • They bond to the tooth, preventing breakage in the future.
  • Unlike amalgam, it is not a mixture of metals. Certain metals can cause an allergic reaction. Miyen Kwek can give more insights into the right filling suitable for your needs.

Taking care of your composite fillings

  • Avoid hard and sticky foods for the first two weeks. This will give the filling enough time to settle. Hard candies and raw vegetables can fracture your teeth.
  • Avoid grinding your teeth. This might damage your New Hamburg composite fillings and your teeth as well.
  • Watch what you eat and drink. Food and beverage that are sugary or acidic can cause tooth decay which can form under existing fillings.
  • Make it a habit to brush your teeth and floss after every meal.
  • Visit Miyen Kwek of New Hamburg Dental for regular dental cleanings.



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