New Hamburg Amalgam Fillings: What You Need To Know

New Hamburg Amalgam Fillings - New Hamburg Dentistry

New Hamburg amalgam fillings are types of dental fillings made of a mixture of metals. This includes mercury, silver, tin, and copper alloys. Your New Hamburg dentist performs fillings on tooth damaged by cavities or fractured tooth. Teeth grinding and sports injuries can be the cause of tooth fracture.

Amalgam fillings are also called silver fillings because of its color. Dentists have been using this material for more than 100 years. They are strong and less prone to damage than other fillings.

Why is mercury used in New Hamburg amalgam fillings?

Mercury is one of the main components that make the New Hamburg amalgam fillings strong and durable. This is what binds the other metals into a safe and durable filling. Scientific studies have said that the mercury content in amalgam fillings is safe. The type of mercury used in dental fillings is not the same kind that causes health problems. Extensive research from the American Dental Association and the World Health Organization shows that it is safe to use. Arguments claimed that mercury vapor evaporating from the filling is dangerous. Dental authorities have addressed this concern already, claiming that the evaporating mercury from the filling is below the safe limit.

Please inform your dentist if you have a certain level of sensitivity to the metals found in the amalgam filling. Certain metals can trigger an allergic reaction. Confer with your New Hamburg dentist for other alternatives.

What is the cost of New Hamburg amalgam fillings?

Amalgam fillings are the most affordable type of dental filling material. The cost of New Hamburg amalgam fillings starts around $75 and can run up to $150. New Hamburg Dental Group strives to provide affordable pricing for all its patients.

Amalgam fillings are just one great option that might be suitable for you. If you have clarifications, your New Hamburg dentist would love to talk to you about it.



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